Delivery Point Protocols

(Updated 4/18/2014)

For the purpose of preserving the flavor, freshness and quality of our milk, and to coordinate the distribution of any excess production, we have established the following protocols for herdshare milk delivery/pick up:

Bottle Markings:

  • Milk bottles are dated with the day and date of bottling:
    • Examples: Fri 4/18  or Mon 9/22

Excess Milk (covered by your normal boarding fees)

  • Though we have a weekly production target of one gallon per share, from time to time we are over that amount based on various factors. 
  • When there is a excess production, extra milk bottles will be marked with an ”X” on the lid.
  • NEW: Extra milk is available on a first-come-first served basis...Owners may take as many bottles of milk marked as e'X'tra that can be consumed in their home, or by their household.
    • To be fair to other herdshare owners, we ask that you not give away the extra milk.
    • Also please remember that you may not sell milk per your herdshare agreement.

Retention of Milk in the drop point fridge:

  • If a milk bottle has been in the fridge for one full week, it will be moved to the freezer portion of the fridge, but still belongs to the original owner.
  • If a milk bottle is in the freezer for two or more additional weeks (at least three weeks since delivery) it will be considered excess and may be picked up by any owner.
  • If an owner will be unable to pick up milk for an extended period of time, please contact us to work out arrangements.

A copy of these protocols will be placed in each drop point fridge for reference.


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