Rehoboth Farm Herdshare Fee Schedule

Invoices are sent by email on the first of each month for the following month.  For example, the invoice sent on the first of July is for August fees.  The email will contain a link to our Payments link.  Payments are due on the 20th of the month.


Herdshare Pricing

     One or More Shares

   Herd Share Purchase Price

   $40 per share

   Monthly Boarding* Fee

   $35 per share

     Half Share

  1/2 Herd Share Purchase Price

   $24 for half share

  Monthly Boarding* Fee

   $21 for half share

 *Boarding Fee: This is not a purchase of milk.  This is a fee that sustains our herd and is due monthly for each share owned.  This fee cannot be reduced for milk that is not picked up.


Delivery Fees


   $ 5 per month


   $15 per month


   $ 5 per month


   $15 per month

   Rehoboth Farm


   Weber City

   $ 5 per month


   $10 per month

 Click here for a Map of our Delivery Points.

Other Fees

   Late Fee

   $5 per incident

   Vet Fees***

   Shared by share owners

   Milk Testing Fees***

   Shared by share owners

 *** These will usually be less than $5 per share per year



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